Tuesday, 14 July 2009


They say a picture tells a thousand words so i will throw in some pictures from
THE HOPE OF THE WEST weekend (thanks Lisa)-the last weekend of the year course at the Westcountry School of Myth and Story. Wild, brilliant, eternal times. If you havn't booked a place for the next one i suggest you get to www.schoolofmyth.today ! places are being hoovered up.

Ok-i said something about a pig poem and an anthology-it got accepted! So here's a rough draft.


(for the Boar and the Gut)

The briny tusk doesnt live on plates,
But curls its legacy around
its fur-bellied apostle
My gut
That powerjut of defiance
Taunting the mirror
But oddly joyful

The high squeal and the lust-salt of its flesh
seem to belong to the rain soaked God of Arcadia,
Y'know that one, clutching his grapes and leopard
born from the thigh of the Thunderbolt

He is an erotic rustle through dark grass,
A preacher waving a gun,
A midnight reprieve from a vegan jail,
His flesh but heady words round our all too tender bones.

A pig killed an Irish hero
Made sails of his guts
And rode him out into the ebony curls
of an irritable splendour and a foamy repentance

See? He is tusking my words even now.

So this is no wastrel's flab on me
but a sash of devotion
to the horny, swagger-toothed,
curl-pricked genius of
the fecundant woods

It needs a lil tweak but i'll keep snuffling on.
More soon x

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

\painting and vagrant about to be removed from premises,

A BODY OF SMOKE AND RAVENS: Painting Show this week Totnes

well, i have to admit it has been a week or two since my last update.There was that raging hot weather, paintings for this show (some of which are still wet) and the invitation to write a poem about a pig for a US poetry anthology-how can one resist? It's been busy, i'm not going to lie to you. I may share the pig poem if it shapes up.

I'm enjoying sitting in for the paintings, drop by if you can. This weekend we make one last leap into the myth-world for the very last weekend of the year course-wow-it has flown by. It's nature is secret but they say to keep the best till last.