Sunday, 8 February 2009

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Well i got nowhere near Germany. Snow, Ice and the Thunderous beings that close airports put paid to that.At 3.50 in the morning i was getting reports of unholy mayhem from Bristol airport, 200 cars trapped on Telegraph Hill, fistfights over anti-freeze, you know the drill. So god bless the ones that made it to Ecshwege and my apologies for not getting there-maybe a summer reschedule?
More later in the week-for now news of a mentoring programme i'm offering. Details above. It comes after growing requests for regular one on one sessions, as well as the larger groups.It won't be focused on teaching myth specifically (that belongs to the year course etc), but specifically finding the way story hits the nerve endings in the strange boogie of your own life. No two sessions are alike -it is for a very limited number of places.

Ah hell, can't resist throwing in some Yeat's again:

'Because i am mad about women, I am mad about the hills,'
said that wild and wicked man
who travels where god wills'

more soon in mere days,
M x

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