Saturday, 14 March 2009


Just got the dates for the 25th aniversary of the Minnesota Mens Conference this September-8-13th 2009. Other teachers are still being confirmed but the news just in is that me, Danny Deardorff and Robert Bly himself will be telling the story of
IRON JOHN to mark this auspicious date. Robert hasn't told the story from the book that sold millions for 15 years-so anyone who would love to hear this life changing story hum in the air one more time should get their sweet behind over to the great lakes of Minnesota. This is a great thing to be happening-held up (as best we can) by three generations of storytellers.We will do it gunslinger style, side by side, eyes fixed on the mercurial spirit of the story.If we can get 20 men from the UK to come, i'm sure there is a discount to be had for this magical gathering (should be a 100).The websites not up yet, but i will keep you posted the moment that it is.
For the Women, check the dates below for the Great Mother Conference in May for an amazing mixed gathering. Cara is already discussing a mustached disguise for the September gathering,

It is a massive
masculine shadow,
fifty males sitting together in hall or crowded room,
lifting something indistinct
up into the resonating night.

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