Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dragon Trails from US>

Steam rising from back, passport in tatters, eyebrows as lightning, i finally came to roost back in Devon yesterday. What a trip. Many thousands of miles traversed and hundreds of faces encountered. Memorable moments? My bus not turning up after three hours on the side of the road, getting dark and a stretch limo appearing out of nowhere and driving me (after stopping for beer and nachos) the 100 miles to my hotel before disappearing into the mist again, wild dancing and Irish/Appalacian singing on the porch with Coleman Barks, the dark brillance of James Hillman, Bly reading his poems down the phone (he bust his hip and couldn't come to the Great Mother Conference), impromtu public discussion on Mercury with Astrologer Caroline Casey and nights around fires, by lakes and with friends.

Thank you to everyone says, as Ol'Rumi says, i 'felt the Shoulder of the Lion'.
More photos and gathered thoughts after some more sleep.

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