Thursday, 31 December 2009

The last,wintery, hours of 2009 hang over Tregonning House, and my rather sniffly, gaze peers out at the slate grey sky. I say sniffly, actually it feels like the rarely spotted, burgandy dappled Algerian cough gargoyle has taken up residence in my chest. I'm not 100% i must admit. Several episodes of 'Northern Exposure' later i feel well enough to stroll the soulful corridors of our house, picking books off shelves and watching the pages swim before my hot eyelashes.

So, books. I would like to recommend some-especially for those looking for some theoretical muscle around the myth-world. They are tough at times, but basically quite readable. Its so important to read if you possibly can. These books all benefit from underlining and note-taking.

So, in no particular order:

SACRED NARRATIVE: Readings in the Theory of Myth edit. Alan Dundes, University of California Press.

A. David Napier, University of California Press.

THE FLUTES OF DIONYSUS: Daemonic Enthrallment in Literature R.D. Stock, University of Nebraska Press.

MYTHS OF THE DOG MAN David Gordon White, University of Chicago Press.

MYTHOGRAPHY: The Study of Myths and Rituals William G. Doty, University of Alabama Press.

Favourite poetry books are no contest:

WHAT NARCISSISM MEANS TO ME Tony Hoagland, Grey Wolf Press
NORTH OF THE CITIES Louis Jenkins, Will O' The Wisp Books.

None of these books came out in 2009 or even close-but i recommend tracking them down.Time ain't no straight line.

For any second year myth students i would say these are essential texts-we will be referring to them in the next two gatherings.

My own literary irons are in the field this Christmas (view last few blogs for excerpts), but i feel in to befuddled a state to offer any more fiendish speculation.
I have loved this year: the friends made, the many thousands of miles traveled, the conferences, camps, woodsmoke and poetry, the mad howls of emerging Deer Maidens and Piratical Wolf Singers. Love to all at the Westcountry School of Myth, Great Mother Conference,Minnesota Mens Conference,
UK Wilderness guides council, All at Mythsinger (Washington State),the Block Island powerhouses, Brooklyn Myth-Cats Erin and Nick, Carolyn Casey, David Darling, Lisa Starr, brother Coleman and all the many beloveds wandering the hidden tracks of this world-may you have warm moccasins and plenty of soul-vittals in your hunters bag.
Hey, Santa got me some Lagavulin, vintage Levi shirt and a Chess set to name but three. A final reminder that the 'ROAD OF SOLITUDE, ROAD OF VOICE'is NEXT weekend (just over a week) so get in touch today to confirm attendance.

See you down the road in 2010!


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