Monday, 12 April 2010

News just in: The School of Myth goes to Hollywood. Stay calm, we won't be attempting to botox Baba Yaga or fix the teeth of Ceridwen, but 'THE PATH OF DESTINY AND THE SOUL OF THE WORLD' arrives in Hollywood and Malibu this June.(dates above)I will be with my long term collaborator and soul - buddy Mr. Daniel Deardorff. The weekend after i am up in Point Reyes (just outside San Francisco) reunited with Coleman Barks, Lisa Starr and David Darling. Just before all of this i will be with Robert Bly, Lewis Hyde, Caroline Casey, Gioia Tipanelli and others at the Great Mother Conference in Maine. You probably know this, but please scroll down a few entries if not.

I love working with Danny, the man is alive to all sorts of mythic insights that pulse through his nervous system on an hourly basis. Some huge, unusual idea is always close when you are with Danny. We are telling a big Russian Fairy Tale, and digging awfully deep into some extraordinary terrain of the soul. Join us -John Densmore from THE DOORS will be there too no less, hopefully adding some of his great percussive patterns to the day.

Thank you to all that came to 'THE VOYAGING HEART AND COURTED SOUL' a day on the story of Tristan and Isolde last Saturday. It takes skill to take a root story of western Romantic love and breath new life on to it, but due to a cluster of insights and personal openings to its images i think we did just that.

Next day was a trickier gig. A yurt full of children for my daughters birthday. Sheesh. Let the Wild Rumpus begin. A wilder crew of keen eyed pirates and nimble voiced Princesses i can't imagine. Actually it was great.

I will be adding more soon, possibly even later this week. Only a month till 'THE HOPE OF THE WEST: THE RETURN TO THE VILLAGE' the last weekend of the year course. Deposits in now please! A weekend under canvas, by the fire, studying the stories of the Brothers Grimm.............

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