Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Hey U.S. friends, here is news of a possible School of Myth up in Point Reyes, California. Please e-mail Lisa TODAY if you are interested. Please forward on to any networks you have. I also have a new e-mail:


due to some burger guzzling nutcase hacking into my old one and sending out e-mails about marital aids to everyone i have ever met or respected.So, over to Lisa Doron:

West Country comes to West Country

As a result of our recent successful storytelling event, Out of the Village and Into the Forest, the bookstore and Martin Shaw of the West Country School of Myth and Story in England are sponsoring a year long course on the power of myth and story. Participants will meet on a quarterly basis, Friday evening through Sunday late afternoon. We are poised to begin this first year course the weekend of September 24,25,26, but we need a core group of at least 20 to sign up, commit to, all four weekends otherwise we cannot fly. The cost for each weekend would be approximately $200.00, give or take a few. So please strap on the wings, the snowshoes or saddle up those ponies to let us know you are on board. For more information contact bookstore staff person Lisa Doron at


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