Sunday, 2 February 2014

The ONLY day gathering to be taught in Marin by Martin this winter

Vocation, Imagination, and the Royal Road of Story
A day gathering with mythologist, storyteller and author Martin Shaw.

Sat 1st March 10-5 sliding scale: $85 - $150 sign up and details email Lisa Doron at

An ancient Siberian tale insists that when the right bride appears for the son of the Khan, she will arrive from the edge - when she speaks precious red beads will pour from her mouth, and black sable will stroll where she walks. In this way the wild is wedded to the village.

However, on the day of the wedding, the community accept a sorceress who, when she speaks, rancid frogs spill to the floor and vicious ermine trail her hooves. We ask: in modern times what does it mean that our vision is so entranced we can’t discern the difference?

Through a day telling of the story, time in the wild and fellowship by the fire, we will explore the relationship of the story to the development of character and imagination. Padding alongside the story will be the image of the daemon - the spirit-being that turns our attention to the kind of life our soul signed up for. It is the daemonic intelligence that is the seat of the discernment we require to truly welcome the red- bead woman to the feast. Shaw will be bringing new Lorca translations to complement the mix.

No one can ignore their destiny.
It's the water in which
we drench our souls.

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