Thursday, 21 April 2016


Barbara Spring said...

Thank you. I greatly enjoyed reading this. Now I can go through my day feeling some worth for my activism although it has caused me some grief, and my books. I have never wanted to be ordinary and I am not.

Unknown said...

Thank you Martin, you have articulated much of what has been bubbling inside me for mi the now.

My families stories tie me to lands beyond the place that is home, from my maternal East European ancestors and my Grandfathers shinnanigans in WW1 to the summers of my Fathers youth, spent cycling through Denmark, Austria and Germany as he became a man.

Just as the bubbling chalk streams and rolling downs anchor my soul, Europe provides colour and a shared narrative. It matters not what our Governments do, my Europe cannot be taken.

At first I sat numb and wept but now I know I am called to activism, to be informed, to be strong enough, to be ready....

"I wanna sing, sing, sing. I wanna dance, dance, dance.

I wanna sing, I wanna dance, Halelu!

When the gates are open wide, I’ll be standing by your side,

I wanna sing, I wanna dance, halelu"
And I shall!!!