Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Well, its been emotional. Two and half weeks into the U.S. foray and this is the first time i have had a moment to write. New York was 90 in the shade, aye curamba. The Shaw tribe staggered to the Met and saw paintings by Robert Motherwell, Willem De Kooning and Susan Rothenburg, then wolfed hot dogs and ice cream, before getting lost on the subway and ending up in deepest Bronx. I did a gig in a prohibition syle speak easy ; gin in cups and rooms hidden behind bookshelves. Guide was Nick Adamski,fuedal lord over the 'Poetry Brothel' events in NY, a shadow boxing champ of the holy word.

Then onto Vermont for a day on rites-of-passage and then the Great Mother Conference. Bly rocked this year - best i've seen him for a awhile. Shaw tribe were holed up with writer Lewis Hyde and Poet Tony Hoagland, plus one vat of Jim Beam and a selection of beverages. I think the conference missed having one big story as opposed to a bunch i had to squeeze in (usual time restraints and nebulous planning)but had many highlights, especially from the younger folks - the emergence of a womens circle (yay!) and Adamski bringing the Brothel in as a late night event. Poetry that is. It was it's usual blur of song, dance, story and poetry.

So now i'm in downtown L.A., writing this in the hallway of a motel, surrounded by lively hispanic voices. Police broke down a nearby door for overdose victim last night, if that gives you an idea of the area. Actually we went for a late night stroll and it was groovy - wild spanish churches on the street, $5 for HUGE pizzas and everyone very affable. Danny Deardorff flies in today for a weekend of us teaching Russian Fairy Tales in North Hollywood and Malibu and the bags are packed for John Densmore to pick us up at midday to whisk us off to his rock star pad in the hills.It's a tough gig this myth work,(sigh) but i guess someone has to do it.

Some news is that i will be a guest on Caroline Casey's radio show a week this thursday (live from Berkely -2 pm US time, 10pm UK time). I will be live in the studio before heading off to find Coleman Barks and friends in a San Fran parking lot for our weekend (see below entry). Just google her name to tune in on line or hear as an archive on her website.

So we're having a good time and hope to see your face before too long on this strange old trip. Wild storms and emotional outbursts are always close, but hey, thats what myth-tellers sign up for. Daughter Dulcie is tugging on my leg for a dip in the pool so i must away. More soon.
Slange amigos.
M x


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