Tuesday, 15 June 2010

well, it's the small hours here in san francisco bay, and me and the tribe are holed up with the magnificent Doug Von Koss before waddling (chicken, pasta, ice cream and red wine supper)up to Point Reyes this friday for the LEAVING THE VILLAGE,FINDING THE FOREST weekend with Coleman Barks et al (see previous blogs for all details).
We had a great time in LA: John Densmore was the consumate host and elegently ignored my tourettes syndrome of DOORS lyrics continually being muttered under my breath. Shaw Tribe has fallen in love with Topagna Canyon- and specifically 'Froggies' bar.
Events in Hollywood and Malibu went very well (Hollywood gig with Daniel Deardorff went out live on the net on Kulaks Woodshed website. Email them and they may repeat). Did an event on land up in the mountains owned by the Lloyd-Wrights (the famous ones)-blazing hot, heavily magical spot, we all felt touched by some strange ancient energy.
So we've traversed thousands of miles and found curious, kind folk everywhere we went. Turtle Island really is some place to be. Lots more shaggy corners and brilliant trees than we see on the adverts. A raised glass as i crawl into my dark bed.More soon.

'yet no matter how deeply i go down into myself
My god is dark, and like a webbing made
of a hundred roots, that drink in silence.'

Rainer Maria Rilke

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