Monday, 24 January 2011


Early morning Seattle. Love this city. my buddy Jussi (the big Finn) picked me up from the airport last night on the last plane out of San Francisco northwards. We were soon nursing beers in his local tavern and cackling away. Last time i was here i accompanied Jussi on his second date with a new girlfriend, a kind of mythic chaperone - at 55 he needs a watchful eye on him in case he tries to get to get to second base. Actually the poor guy was trapped with looking after me and accepting the date. Anyway, the girlfriend didn't pan out but Jussi and I are now happily married. Ok, maybe that last bit isn't quite true. He is a catch though ladies - brooding but twinkling they say.

In a few hours we head up on ferries and the open road to Port Townsend to be reunited with my great compadre DANIEL DEARDORFF. Tonight is an evening on 'The Culture of Wildness' - talk, discourse and stories, and tomorrow rumors abound of a hush hush work shop. Contact today if you want more details. After that its a jump over to Minneapolis (jump, well a leap at that distance) for the Men's retreat and then home. Missing the girls as usual. We all travelled together last year as you may remember, and i miss seeing all these new things with them.

Had another wonderful weekend in Point Reyes with everyone at the Westcountry School of Myth. Kudos to core team Lisa Doron, Steve Costa from Point Reyes books, Champions of food Maggie and Luke. We examined the Trickster through the guise of 'Tristan and isolde' - barely a dry eye in the house by our end. Love this mad group of opinions, intelligence and slanderous speculation.

WAITING LISTS: More and more of these events are ending up with growing waiting lists of folks that apply too late. Don't be disappointed and sign up early - places go quickly. Bear this in mind UK folks for the below 'Red Eared Hound' event.

Ok, the chariot awaits, more soon folks - have you checked out our facebook page? Click the Facebook logo to the right of this blog.....many good video clips: Malidoma, Hillman, Barks, Woodman etc. It will be a growing resource - please click 'like' on the page and pass it onto friends - thank you.

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Lausten North said...

I rented 'Tristan and Isolde' from Netflix, but I'm afraid its meaning has escaped me. Hope to get a chance to talk to you about it someday.