Friday, 24 September 2010


Suited and booted i await a lift from the bay area up to Point Reyes. Thanks you to everyone involved in last nights wonderful evening in Oakland, great to see such a large turn out for these wild old stories. 'Tasting the Milk of Eagles' is having a mad burst of last minute sign ups, so contact lisa at point reyes books today, if you want to squeeze into our wyld gang of poets and gamblers.

SLIGHTLY OFFICIAL NOTE: for all UK friends, for all those intending to attend the year course or the upcoming WHEEL OF STORY please go to and contact Tina today. It is a huge organizational drag to have people show at the last second for these longer events -hire of venues etc etc. So, i'd take it as a personal favor if you kept us in your mythical loop.

Had dinner last night with BARRY SPECTOR, witty author of 'MADNESS AT THE GATES OF THE CITY: The Myth of American Innocence'-this is a great,intelligent read with some pretty disturbing ideas in it. Recommended -it is someone really trying to communicate some wild thoughts. 8 years in the making he said, over Guinness and a wonderful curry. Lots on shaggy Dionysus.

Yip, yip and away, my ride has arrived...

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