Saturday, 11 September 2010


Sorry to keep throwing dates at you, but i thought if i could round them all up into one place it may stop lots of individual e-mails. So, drum roll please Ringo....

Starting Fires in September and Oct 2010: U.S. and U.K.

14 - 19th September. 'Bringing Back The Fire' Minnesota Men's Conference.
Robert Bly, Malidoma Some, Daniel Deardorff, Martin Shaw and many others.
Tickets at

21st September. Dancing on the Tips of Spears:A Night of Wild Irish Tales. Minneapolis. Tickets at

Please be aware this event is almost sold out.

24 - 26th September 'Tasting the Milk of Eagles: Myth, Wilderness and the Courted Soul' Point Reyes, San at

Sat 2nd October NEW! 10- 5. Ashburton,UK. £55

THE WHEEL OF STORY SERIES: sign up with Tina at
A day caught in the deep tangles of the Russian epic "Ivan and the Grey Wolf". What does it mean to ride the fierce energy of a wolf after a lifetime on the back of a steady horse? How do we both dance with the Firebird and also swim in the dark waters of the soul? This story offers many images of such a process, both pragmatic and visionary.

It is natural in autumn (and in a story of length like this) to also explore issues of age and character. We will look at the characteristics of several Gods and Goddesses that joyfully accompany us as we age - some of them randy and disgraceful in nature. And alot of fun.

Martin will also bring many new poems from his recent trips abroad and a whole host of rash statements to enjoy and argue with.

Fri Oct 15th - 17th. LEAVING THE VILLAGE FINDING THE FOREST, Dartmoor UK £170
First weekend of the year programme. Sign up today by contacting Tina at PLACES LIMITED AND GOING FAST. DON'T MISS OUT.

If you are thinking about the UK year programme than please get in touch with Tina without delay, we hate to disappoint. It's been a busy week. The car rather dramatically died on the A38 to Plymouth so we have been scouring the highways and byways of higher and lower Devon in pursuit of a suitably mythic motor. With the help of right hand compadre Jonny Bloor we found it. It's black with a cd player. That's all i can say.

The artwork for the Spring 2011 release of the much revised 'A BRANCH FROM THE LIGHTNING TREE' has arrived from Oregon, and rather dramatic it is too. They (the new publishers) have certainly taken some cues from the title! I like the old book fine but this carries alot of new material in it, especially around myth telling. Various essays for various publications i had completely forgotten to agree to writing have all arrived at once. So packing is rather rapid, whilst about to wrestle a leg of Lamb from the local butchers for a bit of nosh with neighbours this evening. I'm rambling. I can tell.

So think of me and amigo Jonny Bloor (he's often involved in these adventures - only as drop off in this one alas), driving through the inky black night to a secret location in the next 30 hrs for me to start this next trip. As you turn your pillow to the cool side, think of our coffee fueled, bug eyed personas driving the Black Pearl (new motor), seeking the new encounter (as Ponge once said). See you in the airport bar. Mine's a Guinness with Lagavulin chaser. Must stop writing about booze.Gives entirely the wrong impression.

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