Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Just back from 'Myth, Literature and the Unconscious' conference at the University of Essex. A mixed bag as most are, but some nutty moments that i enjoyed - most coming from the rottweiler of aggressive questioning Robert Segal. Segal has a huge egghead brain on myth theory (note theories around myth, not as much the stories themselves)and delighted in spluttering, rolling eyed monologues at anyone who was unfortunate to give a lecture in his presence. Blood on the floor in at least one case. I was very much hoping he would come to mine so we could have an awful sprawling encounter, a blur of fists and teeth, but no. His essays are actually worth study, and his view on Campbell challenging but informed. In some nightmarish way i grew to like him. Lets just say he cares, ok?

Generally there was some good stuff on Blake, too much on Jung, too much on literature, more stories needing to actually being told and living in the air. Good nosh through, and met some interesting folks - check out Joseph Sobel's journal 'Storytelling, Self, Society' out on Routledge - he has a great balance.

Found a pair of cowboy boots in a skip. Got ill and had to drive around Colchester in the middle of the night in a hire car looking for lemsip (helps with colds). Cara and i spent hours thinking of the worst possible way to deliver a lecture - constant bursts of coughing, fumbled papers, joyless, inaudible language delivered as if at a wake. Maybe we should all have a competition for very worst presentation of all time. Please apply in the usual way to the usual place.

So i'm off to the U.S. in a few days. One of the last chances to see Robert Bly in action at the Minnesota Mens Conference i think. So if you want to thank him for his wild genius or never seen him before, this is last chance saloon my friends. No, he's not about to drop dead, but is withdrawing to the poetry hut, so google the conference today and buy a ticket.


Here again is news of the 'Tasting the Milk of Eagles' weekend taking place in Point Reyes (just north of San Francisco)later this month. Filling up fast so please contact Lisa Doron at lisa@ptreyesbooks.com for a place.

September 24 at 8:00pm - September 26 at 5:00pm
Location Point Reyes, California.

The establishing of the U.S. Westcountry School of Myth.The beginning of a four weekend year program led by U.K. storyteller, mythologist and rites-of-passage teacher Martin Shaw. It offers an intense leap into the old stories,poetic imagination and the nature of soul. This ground breaking program is now coming to the U.S. for the first time.
To get a sense of the weekends please check out the U.K. program at http://www.schoolofmyth.com/, and visit http://www.theschoolofmyth.blogspot.com/ to get sign up details.
Please forward this to any interested networks! Thank you.

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