Sunday, 26 September 2010


i am holed up in the lovely apartment of the noble Doug Von Koss, as i reflect back on a crap-kickingly wonderful first weekend of the West Coast School of Myth (US). Just under 30 souls gathered up in Point Reyes for a true soul jump into some very deep waters this weekend. Young and old (er), women and men, some esctatic and some grief filled came many miles to explore wild language, landscape and image. Like otters in love with sacred gurgles we have had a fabulous swim in the story river and now stand on the bank, wide eyed with dripping fur. Sleep and rest my friends! Joyful study awaits to ground these leaps of the psyche. A look forward to our next meeting and further exporation of this emerging Culture of Wildness. A very special gathering and a great candle of light as we move into smokey autumn.GET TO THE NEXT GATHERING IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN - great things are afoot with this bunch of arcane earth lovers.

So, the Iron Bird carries me back to the girls in a few hours (not a moment to soon), but i am full to the brim of old friends and new friends, much kindess and racous cries to the old gods.

hey, i saw that Basquiat movie- The RADIENT CHILD: nothing about it i did not love. Super hip, playful and brilliant. Too cool for school that flying boy. R.I.P. Jean Michel.

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