Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Early morning in Minneapolis. Sun peering through the trees, pot of coffee on the go, just some laundry to be done before flying over to California tomorrow. Last night was 'Dancing on the Tips of Spears' - a night of wild Celtic stories, organized by our friend TIm Young. Talking of friends, many of the folks that attended are dear pals - it was so touching to see their mad faces as we traversed the misty forests, witchy moons and feasting halls of those great tales.
The mens conference was the best ever. Took me a little by surprise - the fellowship, kindness and wayward humor will stay with me for a very long time. There were moments that were truly mythic -between fathers and sons, reconciled enemies, beautifully wrinkled elders and the strong blessings laid on the shoulders of the youth - it was a glimpse, just a glimpse, of a whole different way of being in this world.
Robert was full of piss and vinegar you will be pleased to hear - carrying a lot of the cantankerous Trickster with him. His ability to pull a room into deep feeling is still second to none. He is stepping back from that central role he has taken these 26 years and is now living fully in his extraordinary new poems. What also came through the conference was a tremendous wave of new energy for this kind of work - every teacher, every participant invested more, dug deeper, sang sweeter, was more generous. Something is afoot my friends. Contact Craig Ungerman TODAY about getting a place at next year's at
One of the best thing about this woodland gatherings is the return to all the ones we love, hopefully with more to give. I am now officially homesick for my two beloveds, Cara and Dulcie, but have some miles to traverse till i arrive home at the door of Tregonning House. Still, i guess a bit of present buying would not go amiss, rather than just the scent of woodsmoke and airmiles.
There are still a few places this weekends event in Point Reyes, (e-mail contact in entry below) although they are approaching capacity so get in touch with them today. Can't wait.
So, love to all, i must get on with this laundry. Rumor has it that there is a new movie on the painter BASQUIAT playing in Uptown today, which i must try and get to. Love his early work. Fierce, playful paintings - crashing through language and image like Lorca holding a paintbrush loaded down with Cadmium Red oil paint whilst listening to Elvin Jones coax magic out of his drums.

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